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Focused On Solutions For Your Family

At Grewal Law Firm, we provide a straightforward approach to your family law matters. We educate our clients to understand their rights and obligations to ensure they are fully informed and prepared to resolve their disputes. 


Services We Provide


Family Law

No one is ever prepared for a breakdown in a relationship. It is very common to stop and ask yourself, what happens next? What happens with the home, the children, and what is the process? We help by providing you with sound legal advice guiding you through every step of the challenging time.


Child Protection

We provide family law services to those going through child protection proceedings with the children's aid society. It is essential to consult a lawyer to understand the documents you are signing from the children's aid society.


Court Assistance

Are you interested in representing yourself in court? Many individuals consider this option due to the costs of litigation. Grewal Law Firm offers services to individuals on limited scope retainers to help prepare for court by way of strategy or drafting court documents.

Relationship Agreements

Cohabitation, prenuptial, and postnuptial agreements allow you to protect your personal and professional assets should a relationship come to an end. By signing a relationship agreement, you greatly minimize the possibility of conflict.



Mediation offers clients the opportunity to have a simplified solution. The process involves sitting down with a neutral party who can focus on issues and suggest an unbiased resolution. We assist by advocating for our clients and their wishes.